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server replication

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replicate and regularly sync critical systems for disaster recovery and business continuity

Cristie Hot Standby lets you create perfect copies of live workloads or systems and then schedule syncs to keep them up-to-date for disaster recovery purposes. What’s more, systems are fully replicated including; operating system, applications, data and even user configuration. These are then copied to the target physical, virtual or cloud environment.

server replication and disaster recovery replication made easy

You don’t need days of training to use Cristie Hot Standby, it is extremely easy to install and activate. The intuitive interface lets you manage the protection of multiple systems, environments and operating systems from a single screen with real time replication. Therefore once you’ve set your automated syncs, you can simply sit back and monitor the results. Snapshots mean you always have a successful version to roll back to, so you can be confident in your ability to recover quickly in the event of failure.

build your cloud-based disaster recovery and business continuity strategy

If you need a fast and cost-effective way to leverage public, private and hybrid clouds to enhance your DR and BC strategy – trial Cristie Hot Standby. You’ll see just how easy cloud replication and cloud recovery can be with Cristie’s replication technology. Furthermore with free support offered with all licenses, the team are on-hand if you need them.

solution highlights

  • optimal and fast replications of servers and data from source to target environments
  • automated synchronizations replicating only changed data through unique variable block technology
  • agentless option to avoid software being installed on the source machine
  • disk selection and encryption
  • configure and tailor target server including host name, IP address, number of CPUs and memory
  • event reports emailed to the user for audit purposes
  • bandwidth throttling means it’s business-as-usual when cloning live machines
  • wide range of sources and targets including replication from and to physical machines; dissimilar hypervisors; vSphere and Hyper-V hypervisors; AWS (anywhere to anywhere migration p2v, p2p, p2c, v2p, v2c, v2v, c2p, c2v, c2c)
  • available for Windows and Linux operating systems

pricing and further information

Cristie Hot Standby provides extremely cost-effective virtual and cloud replication for disaster recovery and business continuity. As a result, organizations of all sizes from SMEs to large enterprises can protect critical systems from as little as $120/quarter. Get in touch if you require any further information, please contact or request a free 30 day trial here.

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