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Recovery Simulator

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manage machine recoveries to virtual and cloud environments

Conventional recovery testing requires technical skills, hardware and facilities. Recovery Simulator (RS) leverages native backups carried out by IBM Spectrum Protect (TSM), EMC NetWorker, EMC Avamar and CommVault Simpana, to manage recoveries to virtual or cloud environments including Azure and AWS. RS also provides scheduling, to automate vital disaster recovery testing and recovery assurance. Furthermore, the software is free of charge to all Cristie Recover BMR users, provided a valid maintenance agreement is in place.

solution highlights

  • quickly create the target environment on demand during the recovery process
  • eliminates the need to connect to multiple environments typically required during recovery
  • detailed reporting provides information on any problems encountered and an audit track of successful test results
  • automate and schedule vital disaster recovery testing at minimal cost
  • manage recoveries on site or from a remote management machine
  • virtual testing areas can be released after every simulation so no additional storage is required for multiple backup tests

recovery simulation for IBM Spectrum Protect for Virtual Environments

Recovery Simulator is also available as a standalone solution for users of IBM Spectrum Protect for Virtual Environments (formerly TSM for VE). This token per a simulation solution does not require any Cristie system recovery software to be installed, thus is an alternative option for testing scheduled recoveries of machines that have been backed up by Spectrum Protect for VE. The recovered machines are created as VMs within a protected Spectrum Protect for VE managed environment.


Recovery Simulator is free for users of Cristie Recover, our system recovery software (TBMR, NBMR, ABMR and SBMR). The licensing for recovery simulation for Spectrum Protect for VE is token-based. One token is required for each recovery simulation.

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