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Cristie Recover and Power Systems

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enhance your server protection planning with Power and Cristie Recovery Suite

In the world of big data and analytics, terabytes need to be handled in milliseconds. IBM’s family of high-performance Power servers combine fast processing, high availability and rapid scalability. Thus, speed and accessibility are critical to delivering information to the people and processes that need them. A few Power Systems can handle the demanding workloads of an entire x86 server farm; so many organizations choose planned data center consolidation as an opportunity to reduce the amount of hardware needed by upgrading to Power Systems. At Cristie although we’re dedicated to the success of our customers regardless of the platform they choose to run, we do know that Power has its advantages. That is why we are proud to support system recovery, migration and replication for Linux and AIX on Power.


Power Linux and AIX recovery

Most companies have backup processes in place for critical data; but fewer are prepared for catastrophic system failure which affects operating system, data, applications and user configuration information. Recovering a system to a new server typically involves restoring the OS from a tape or DVD bootable backup, which is time-consuming and prone to failure. In addition, the target server needs to closely match the specs of the failed server.

Cristie Recover enhances existing backup solutions including IBM Spectrum Protect, EMC NetWorker, and EMC Avamar by providing clear disaster recovery and business continuity benefits at minimal cost.

solution highlights

  • complete integration with native backup solutions running on AIX or Linux
  • removes the need for creating images of the OS on to tape or DVD, e.g. mksysb images
  • no additional backups or storage required
  • integrates with Power Systems architecture: tailor AIX LPARs or WPARs, and Linux LPARs, based on configuration of source machine at time of back-up
  • recover to multiple environments including dissimilar hardware, hypervisors and cloud
  • fast, automated, recovery simulation to test in advance if a server is recoverable
  • supports Little Endian and Big Endian architecture

further information

To find out more about how we support Linux and AIX Power Systems, please download the datasheet or contact

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