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    recover for NetWorker

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    recover machines directly from EMC NetWorker backups

    NBMR protects critical servers from the consequences of physical damage, human error, or system failure, by simply recovering them directly from the NetWorker backup. Users can recover their protected systems to any point in time provided by NetWorker as well as schedule simulated recoveries. NBMR is re-sold globally by EMC and its channel partners as the recommended system recovery solution for NetWorker. It’s currently available for Windows, Linux, Solaris and AIX operating systems.

    recover NetWorker, restore NetWorker

    NBMR allows you to perform a complete bare machine recovery (BMR) of your system direct from a NetWorker back-up. It also provides recovery assurance as the software can be scheduled to run through a complete recovery process. This fully automates the creation of the recovered machine and then runs test scripts to verify integrity and functionality. Furthermore, schedules can be set up months in advance and planned, so that the entire server infrastructure is tested over the course of the desired time frame. The recovery machines are held in an isolated network and can be released after every simulation so storage is not permanently required. Also, detailed reporting highlights any problems encountered and provides an audit track of successful results. 

    solution highlights

    • Leverage the backup features of NetWorker without additional management or infrastructure
    • Restore NetWorker instantly to physical, hypervisor, and cloud environments
    • Recovered machine is identical to original, including data, operating system, applications and configuration information
    • Recover multiple servers simultaneously and rapidly to meet agreed RTOs
    • Scheduled automated recovery simulations with full reporting, which also provide an auditable trail of results that satisfies business needs or external regulations and competencies

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