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system recovery with Cristie’s BMR solutions

protect critical servers from the consequences of failure or disaster 

Automatically and rapidly recover systems, applications and data directly from backups carried out by leading software vendors, without having to create or manage any additional backups with Cristie Recover. 

Perform a complete bare machine recovery (BMR)  from backups created by:

Cristie Recover is easy to implement and use. Your recovered machine will be functionally identical to the original, so limiting downtime and helping users meet aggressive RTOs and RPOs. Recoveries can be managed remotely, or directly from the recovered machine.

disaster recovery testing and recovery assurance

Another important feature of Cristie Recover is the test in advance functionality for recovery assurance. Recovery Simulator is free with any solution from the Cristie Recover range and provides automated vital disaster recovery testing, identifying if systems are recoverable in a DR scenario.

Schedule regular or instant recovery simulations to virtual or cloud, to test whether your back-up will recover in the event of a failure. RS can run from a different machine and provides a report to validate the reliability of the recovery.

advantages of Cristie system recovery solutions in a virtual environment

Cristie Recover delivers fully integrated and instant recoveries to physical, hypervisor and cloud environments. Its advantages in a virtual environment for example, set it apart from other virtual recovery tools.

  • Same recovery environment for both physical and virtual machines
  • Recover VM to physical target
  • Cross-platform support (including Windows, Linux, Solaris and AIX)
  • Recover quickly and securely to the cloud
  • Recover to a different virtual environment (e.g. VMware to Hyper-V)
  • Use Cristie Recover to test in advance if backups will recover with recovery simulation functionality
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