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Please see below for partcodes and retail price information relating to CBMR, TBMR, NBMR, ABMR, SBMR, Recovery Simulator and CloneManager.

If you are ordering via IBM you will need to use their Passport Advantage (PPA) part codes which you can find here.

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CBMR – Cristie Bare Machine Recovery (BMR)

Part CodeDescriptionList Price
C-L-WINCBMR for WindowsUS$725
C-L-WIN-VMCBMR for Windows VMWare 4 License PkUS$725
C-L-LINCBMR for LinuxUS$725
C-L-LIN-VMCBMR for Linux VMWare 4 License PkUS$725
C-L-SOLCBMR for Solaris (Sparc)US$725
M1-CAnnual Support/Maintenance CBMR – Renewal 12 MonthsUS$145

TBMR – Bare Machine Recovery (BMR) for Spectrum Protect (TSM)

Part CodeDescriptionList Price
T-L-WIN-UPGTBMR for Windows - Upgrade from CBMRUS$100
T-L-WINTBMR for WindowsUS$725
T-L-WIN-VMTBMR for Windows for VMWare 4 License PkUS$725
T-L-LIN-UPGTBMR for Linux - Upgrade from CBMRUS$100
T-L-LIN-VMTBMR for Linux for VMWare 4 License PkUS$725
T-L-LINTBMR for LinuxUS$725
T-L-SOLTBMR for Solaris (Sparc) - License OnlyUS$725
M1-TAnnual Support/Maintenance TBMR - Renewal 12 monthsUS$145

NBMR – Bare Machine Recovery (BMR) for NetWorker

Part CodeDescriptionList Price
N-L-WINNBMR for WindowsUS$725
N-L-WIN-VMNBMR for Windows for VMWare 4 License PkUS$725
N-L-LINNBMR for LinuxUS$725
N-L-LIN-VMNBMR for Linux for VMWare 4 License PkUS$725
N-L-SOLNBMR for Solaris (Sparc)US$725
M1-NAnnual Support/Maintenance NBMR - Renewal 12 monthsUS$145

ABMR – Bare Machine Recovery (BMR) for Avamar

Part CodeDescriptionList Price
A-L-WINABMR for WindowsUS$725
A-L-WIN-VMABMR for Windows for VMWare 4 License PkUS$725
A-L-LINABMR for LinuxUS$725
A-L-LIN-VMABMR for Linux for VMWare 4 License PkUS$725
M1-AAnnual Support/Maintenance ABMR - Renewal 12 monthsUS$145

SBMR – Bare Machine Recovery (BMR) for Simpana

Part CodeDescriptionList Price
S-L-WINSBMR for WindowsUS$725
S-L-WIN-VMSBMR for Windows for VMWare 4 License PkUS$725
M1-SAnnual Support/Maintenance SBMR - Renewal 12 monthsUS$145

Recovery Simulator

Part CodeDescriptionList Price
RS-T-10Recovery Simulator Tokens - Pack of 10US$200
RS-T-50Recovery Simulator Tokens - Pack of 50US$500
RS-T-250Recovery Simulator Tokens - Pack of 250US$1,500
RS-T-1000Recovery Simulator Tokens - Pack of 1000US$5,000
RS-T-5000Recovery Simulator Tokens - Pack of 5000US$20,000
RS-T-20000Recovery Simulator Tokens - Pack of 20000US$70,000


Part CodeDescriptionList Price
CM-M-SCloneManager MigrationUS$150
CM-S-S1 Sync US$3
CM-D-SDiscovery Report for CloneManager per reportUS$15
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