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find out why the leading retailers use Cristie CBMR to protect systems and data, and restore them back to their original state in the event of failure

a trusted solution  

Retailers are making increasing use of data to drive improvements in sales and service. 20% of the top 50 global retailers*, including Carrefour, ICA, E.Leclerc, and one of the largest retail corporations in the US, already use Cristie Software to protect and recover the systems that hold that data. CBMR is a total solution for backup and recovery that is easily managed and requires no third party backup software. It provides rapid, automated and cost-effective backup of servers, and fast, complete recovery following a failure—including OS, applications, user configuration and data.

recovery simulation  

CBMR also features unique functionality to test in advance if your backups are recoverable. Unlike conventional testing which requires a complex skillset and costly infrastructure, Recovery Simulator allows automated, scheduled recoveries to virtual or cloud environments. Detailed reporting highlights any problems encountered, and provides an audit track of successful results—useful for satisfying external legislation concerning the reliability and security of backed up data.

benefits of CBMR

  • Backups and recoveries can be easily managed in-store, at remote stores and branches, or at a central office level
  • You can utilize FTP as a backup target, allowing CBMR to be added easily into your existing backup infrastructure
  • Utilize cost-effective cloud-based storage
  • Backups can be encrypted and compressed to increase data security, save space on your network, and meet industry regulations
  • Available for Windows, Linux, Solaris and AIX operating system


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