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building a global network of trusted software resellers


Cristie Software has an established program that builds and nurtures partnerships with leading global software resellers. We provide high quality, innovative solutions for system protection and recovery that lower customer costs and sustain competitive advantage. Our Approved Reseller program provides opportunities to enhance current offerings into an existing customer base, as well as creating new opportunities for software sales. Expand your market reach, increase sales, and boost profitability with zero program fees.

a little about Cristie Software

Cristie specializes in software solutions for disaster recovery and business continuity. Over 250,000 Cristie licenses are currently in use, ensuring that customers in over 70 countries can protect their critical systems, and recover them in the event of a failure.

Approved Reseller Program benefits

  • Gain access to Cristie’s market-leading solutions
  • Guaranteed margin in all registered deals purchased direct from Cristie
  • Full sales and pre-sales support, including a dedicated account manager
  • Flexibility on end user pricing with special bid requests handled quickly
  • Technical support via telephone and email
  • Help with demonstrations, POCs and webinars

program resources & services

  • Access to a dedicated area on the Cristie website featuring sales and marketing materials, including datasheets, FAQs, presentations, videos, and user guides
  • Webinars exploring Cristie solutions and industry topics
  • Online product accreditation courses
  • Free 30-day trials of any Cristie solution
  • Flow of leads from inbound enquiries
  • Advance releases of products and new releases of software


For further information about the Approved Reseller program, please contact

Cristie Software