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More and more organizations are looking to managed service providers (MSPs) to help them control costs and improve their IT operations. Cristie is in a great position to help MSPs stand out from the competition, and support them in their role of trusted advisors that deliver technology solutions with clear business value.

why partner with Cristie?

  • Access to reliable, affordable cloud-based, physical and virtual disaster recovery and availability solutions
  • Flexible licensing including annual subscriptions to match MSP pricing models, and scale simply to meet customer needs
  • Differentiate disaster recovery options from competitors with hot standby functionality
  • Enhance Back up as a Service offering with fast and complete system recoveries
  • Long-established, global network of valued partners

Our products complement and enhance MSP offerings and deliver profitable solutions to common challenges in the areas of business continuity and disaster recovery. We want to help you gain new business opportunities and provide access to solutions that keep companies up and running. Below we have detailed some ways in which you can incorporate our solutions in to your services:

hot standby as a service

Cristie CloneManager® is a flexible solution that allows users to create perfect copies of running machines, and then schedule syncs to keep them up-to-date. This gives users a hot standby of their systems in any physical, virtual or cloud environment, ready to power on at any moment should the original source machine fail. CloneManager uses token-based licensing for cloning but, to fit with MSPs licensing models, we also make CloneManager available via an annual subscription. This arrangement is a fixed fee, per machine, per year for an unlimited amount of clones and syncs.

recovery as a service

Cristie Recover recovers systems, applications and data directly from backups created by leading software vendors, without creating or managing any additional backups. Recover from backups created by IBM Spectrum Protect (TSM), EMC NetWorker & AvaMar and CommVault Simpana. Click here for more information.


Cristie Connect API

Cristie Connect API allows MSPs to easily embed machine cloning and migration in to their own online service offerings. The Connect API provides full control of Cristie CloneManager® to clone and move running machines across different physical, virtual and cloud environments. Users can optimize resource allocation, manage server infrastructure and utilize DR capabilities. There is also an option for agentless clones for both Windows and Linux sources. It allows users to fully incorporate all CloneManager® features within their own service deployment frameworks without the overhead of developing bespoke solutions. Service Providers can easily expand their portfolio offering using the brand and approach that they are comfortable with, generating additional revenue opportunities through services wrapped around the cloning and migration. Contact for more information.

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