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We have a long-established, global network of valued partners and resellers at Cristie. Our partners share our vision…

to ensure that customers receive effective and best-in-class solutions.

That is why we have built a network of trusted technology partners who help us to deliver the best products and service to all of our customers. We also have been a Microsoft Certified Partner since 2011, so you can be rest assured we work hard to gain and keep valuable partnerships.

become a partner

Why not become a Cristie Partner today? Register your interest here. The process is simple and one of the team will be in touch once they have received your completed web form.

partner benefits

We provide high quality, innovative solutions for system protection and recovery that lower customer costs and sustains competitive advantage. Our Approved Reseller program provides opportunities to enhance current offerings into an existing customer base, as well as creating new opportunities for software sales. Expand your market reach, increase sales, and boost profitability with zero program fees. What’s more, we will provide you with resources and the support you need, to help you make that sale.

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If you are interested in downloading a trial version of any of our software solutions, please complete the Request a Trial form

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