With 96% of SMB IT professionals fearing that they will be held personally responsible for data and machine recovery problems – it’s no wonder that many are now seeking ‘recovery assurance’. This is more than the latest buzz phrase in the backup and recovery industry – it’s essential for a successful and auditable disaster recovery strategy.

A recent report by Dimensional Research suggests that there is a very real fear among IT staff that their role, salary or professional reputation would be damaged if there was a major recovery problem. It’s the IT team that researches, recommends and then implements the backup and storage solutions, and the IT team that should be responsible for a failed recovery, right?

As well as being entirely unreasonable, it’s also unnecessary for this burden to be placed on IT. It IS possible to test in advance whether a system can be successfully recovered from backups following a failure, and it IS possible for users to automate vital disaster recovery testing at minimal cost.

With the dramatic impact that backup failures can have on a business, surely it would be preferable to have a little confidence that system protects will recover reliably?

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