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Meet the sales team

Cristie Software sales team

There is a good chance you have already met them, or at least developed a rapport. We’re a close-knit team here at Cristie and we wanted to share with you a little more about ourselves as we are here to ensure you have all the support and technical guidance you need; from the latest product information, providing RFP support, 1-2-1 software demonstrations, to assisting with webinars.

Whatever you need, your dedicated sales area manager is on-hand, so who are they.

Scott Sterry, VP of Sales

Instrumental in helping the business develop and grow, Scott has been with Cristie for over 8 years and heads up the sales team. Having started in 2009, shortly after the inception in 2008, Scott has seen the business transform and continues to do so. He is very enthusiastic and positive about future opportunities and the potential Cristie’s software has in the marketplace.

Scott answered 10 quick questions for us;

Scott Sterry

  1. Years at Cristie: 8
  2. Years in Software/IT: 20 years – Mostly specializing in disaster recovery, backup and storage including; implementation, design, architecture, DR management, pre-sales and business development
  3. Biggest success to date: There has been many, but to name some standout moments; being part of a team that brings new products to market, establishing new partnerships with companies like EMC/CSC and having our software deployed globally in one of the world’s largest retailers
  4. Favourite Cristie product and why: All of them. The BMR products because we focus on a very important part of the DR process that many backup products do not offer. CloneManager because we bring together experience from all our specialities into one product, focusing on replication and cloud
  5. Where do you think Cristie can make a difference in the market: We already have made a difference. Cristie for many years have allowed customers to blur the lines between physical, virtual and cloud, with our dissimilar environment restores and migrations. As companies further adopt the cloud, the need for machine mobility and replication to virtual will continue to grow
  6. What can you offer your customers: Having been in our customers position previously, I have a detailed understanding of problems our customers face and where our products can help
  7. A little bit about you: I live in Exmouth with my wife and 3 boys. I am an avid runner (admittedly not as much as I used to or would like to) but I do enjoy running along the esplanade throughout the year
  8. Interesting fact about yourself: Last year I competed in 10 different races – including a mix of half marathons, off road and obstacle courses
  9. Quirky fact about yourself: All the scuba diving holidays I go on end in disaster
  10. Favourite food: Anything Spicy

Andy Loydell, Sales Manager, EMEA

With over 20 years of industry experience and working with large scale blue chip companies to smaller start-ups, Andy has been involved in all types of projects. Not one to shy away, Andy is a keen speaker and is only too willing to help participate in a webinar or share with technical users his knowledge. If you are based in Europe, Middle East or Africa, he is your point of contact for all matters Cristie.

Here is Andy’s responses to our 10 questions;

Andy Loydell

  1. Years at Cristie: 5
  2. Years in Software/IT: Over 20 years
  3. Biggest success to date: There have been many successes over the years and it depends on your measurement of success. But for me, sorting out a cancer charity’s back office IT infrastructure, so they could expand and grow with a bigger percentage of monies going directly to those in need, instead of operations, has to be up there. Not big in financial value, but big in feel good!
  4. Favourite Cristie product and why: TBMR and NBMR as they are stable, solid and popular products which substantially help organisations
  5. Where do you think Cristie can make a difference in the market: By continuing to provide clever software that simply solves real world issues, regarding security and business continuity
  6. What can you offer your customers: Integrity, professionalism and loyalty with a smile
  7. A little bit about you: I’m qualified in electronic engineering, a keen cyclist, I live in Cirencester, UK with my wife and four children
  8. Interesting fact about yourself: I’m a Police qualified motorcycle instructor
  9. Quirky fact about yourself: Damon Hill was my co-driver in the 1992 UK driver of the year competition (which I won). The next year he drove for Williams F1 and won the F1 world championship in 1996
  10. Favourite food: My wife’s Chille Con Carne

Angela Roberts, Territory Manager, APAC and Latin America

Settling into her new role over the last 4 months, you could be mistaken thinking Angela is a new member to the Cristie team; but in fact, she has been happily working in internal sales for a combined period of 14 years – previously part of Cristie Data before she took a short break and returned to Crisite Software. Angela is the area manager for Asia Pacific and Latin America.

10 questions for Angela…

Angela Roberts

  1. Years at Cristie: 14 (combined total)
  2. Years in Software/IT: 14 years
  3. Biggest success to date: Working my way up from internal sales support to my current position, Territory Manager
  4. Favourite Cristie product and why: Cristie Recover – the complete range of BMR products, as they are testament to the quality, integrity and reassurance of what Cristie Software provides
  5. Where do you think Cristie can make a difference in the market: Help to accelerate the cloud revolution
  6. What can you offer your customers: Support and help with any RFP’s, in a quick and responsive timely manner
  7. A little bit about you: I live close to Stroud HQ with my husband and teenage daughter. When I’m not in the office you can often find me busy in the field with ‘Miracle’ (my daughter’s horse)
  8. Interesting fact about yourself: Passed my NVQ in Horse Care
  9. Quirky fact about yourself: Assisted with security at our local Maternity Hospital, which included a spoof baby abduction
  10. Favourite food: Medium to well done steak

Jim Canavan, Sales Manager, North America

Occupying our American office, Jim has only been with the company for a few months, but has already made a strong impact with our stateside customers. He has a particular interest with the involvement of IT systems and infrastructure in the Healthcare sector and predominantly the importance of bare machine recovery. Jim is the dedicated contact for North America.

Jim’s 10 answers are;

Jim Canavan

  1. Time at Cristie: 9 months
  2. Years in Software/IT: 10 years
  3. Biggest success to date: Employee #1 of Cristie Software Inc
  4. Favourite Cristie product and why: Our suite of bare machine recovery solutions, because it fulfils a need that is critical to every organization
  5. Where do you think Cristie can make a difference in the market: Innovative one-stop shop, for all your system recovery and mobility needs
  6. What can you offer your customers: I’m accountable, adaptable, resourceful and conscientious in all my interactions; giving you the dedication and support you require
  7. A little bit about you: I live on the northside of Chicago with my girlfriend and Italian Greyhound puppy. I’m the youngest of 3 boys and have received the accolade of IBM Hundred Percent Club, named 1H2015 IBM Analytics MVP
  8. Interesting fact about yourself: Dual citizen of USA and Ireland
  9. Quirky fact about yourself: Travelled to more countries than I have states
  10. Favourite food: Seafood or anything spicy

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