The New Release of the Cristie Virtual Appliance Is Here.

We’ve released V.3.4 of our Virtual Appliance. It’s a major step forward with a new user interface and many updates to the features and functionality.

V.3.4 of our Virtual Appliance (VA) 

We’ve released a new version of our VA. It’s a major step forward with a new user interface and many updates to the features and functionality.   

The VA is a virtual appliance that we’ve developed to manage all our products. It enables centralised management for all the types of machine replication, migration and disaster recovery software that we offer.  

The VA helps our customers to scale our products into large implementations.  You can deploy software from a central location easily and quickly – making the process simpler and saving time.  

Here’s what it means for you.

Headline Enhancements

  • Enhanced Post DR/Replication Checking. Post recovery checks now implemented for Linux and improved checking for Windows machines.
  • Replication Failover/Failback. If your production system goes down, the replication target at your DR site will power on automatically after a user configurable period of time.
  • Single Sign-On. You can now import users and groups from an Active Directory/LDAP source into User Management.
  • vSphere 7 support. VMware vSphere 7 is now a supported target hypervisor environment for Recoveries, Simulations & Replications.
  • Hyper-V 2019 Support. Hyper-V 2019 is now a supported target hypervisor environment for Recoveries, Simulations & Replications.
  • Password Reset. Users can now reset their VA password from the login screen if they have en email associated with their account.
  • Discovered Machine Cleanup. Estate machines can automatically be removed after X days.
  • Linux UEFI -> MBR converison. You can now convert recovered Linux systems from UEFI to MBR.
  • Enhanced Estate Reporting. You can now see the license type applied to a machine within the estate report.

Bug Fixes

  • DR proxy would sometimes power off during backup server discovery.
  • Incorrect RAM amount recorded in disrec.
  • Unable to deploy to foreign language systems that use English display language.
  • /var/lib/mysql/loganalysis/ would sometimes fill up the VA disk.
  • It was possible to break machine discovery by adding invalid values into discovery settings.
  • CloneManager would sometimes fail with “failed to register CTM” errors.

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