Cristie Software
a leading provider of machine move and recover software today announced the launch of a new console to provide full deployment, management, monitoring and reporting services for all CBMR protects.

CBMR is a long established and fully featured protect product used by over two thousand users worldwide to provide simple but effective protect and fast machine recover to dissimilar hardware.  It is widely used by organizations with large branch networks and the largest user has over 20,000 CBMR installations.

The scalability of the console means that thousands of machine protect schedules can be organised into separate groups and monitored remotely with only the management server or servers requiring internet access.

The flexibility of the console allows users with any HTML5 compatible mobile device to access live log files in real-time so that they can be monitored and managed instantly and from anywhere.

Ian Cameron added “We are delighted to offer this enhancement to our established and proven protect technology.  The console has already been implemented by several organizations and is effective across multiple subnets and WANs. It gives users the ability to manage and monitor their entire protect estate from remote browsers or mobile devices.”

The management console is available now as an add-on for any CBMR users.