Cristie Software announces the latest release of CloneManager™ to provide agentless migrations.

The new agentless feature allows machines to be cloned to and from physical, virtual and cloud environments without the need to install any agent software on the source machine.  This is a major step that allows locked down or restricted machines to be cloned or migrated.

Other new features in version 1.4 include a discovery capability that monitors a source machine to determine average and peak CPU and memory usage in order to allocate appropriate resources on the target machine.  There is also a scheduling feature that allows migrations or clones to be performed fully automatically at a future time as well as improved transfer rates, network throttling and encryption.

Ian Cameron, CEO of Cristie Software said, “CloneManager is well established and has now performed thousands of successful cloud migrations.  A key feature is its ability to periodically sync a cloned machine back to its source machine. We have an ambitious roadmap for CloneManager™ and expect it to become the leading solution for migrating and cloning machines to and from their physical, virtual and cloud locations.”

The software is licensed on a token basis at a list price of US$150 per completed migration and US$3 per sync. For full details please visit the product page.


About Cristie Software Limited

Cristie Software Limited was established in the UK in 2007 and has grown rapidly to become a leading software provider specializing in machine move, recover and availability. Its software is used by over 20% of the Fortune 500 companies.

The software provides organisations with the freedom to move their machines to and from all different environments, to make clone copies of their machines and to recover machines from protects, all from one easy-to-use management interface. In summary:

• Machine Move

• Machine Recover

• Machine Availability

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