abmrCristie Software today announced the release of ABMR, a new software product specifically for users of EMC AvaMar protect software which provides fast automated recover of machines direct from normal AvaMar protects.

ABMR is an extension of Cristie’s existing product range which includes NBMR for EMC NetWorker users as well as software for IBM TSM users. The first release provides recover capabilities for both Windows (2003 upwards) and Linux operating systems and support for Solaris and AIX will follow in the next release.

ABMR recovers the operating system and applications to the original hardware, to dissimilar hardware or to a virtual machine. Recoveries are normally completed in less than 10 minutes. The ABMR software requires no additional protect to be performed and unlike other BMR software products ABMR consumes no additional storage or network bandwidth. ABMR also has the advantage of not requiring a separate protect application to be installed, managed and monitored.