Cristie Software has today made the first release of CloneManager; a software solution that migrates running Windows or Linux servers to another location which may be a physical, virtual or cloud environment.

CloneManager uses a ‘drag and drop’ interface to provide a simple but powerful mechanism for real time migration to similar or dissimilar hardware.  The software is scalable from single machine migrations to large move groups which can be scheduled to migrate an entire data centre over a few days. The software integrates seamlessly with VMware vSphere™ and vCloud™ targets allowing virtual machines and vApps to be created on the fly. The software also optimizes the partition layout, cpu and memory allocation and network mappings of the new VM based on the characteristics of the source machine.

CloneManager also features CloneSync, a feature that allows a cloned machine to be periodically synced with its source machine.  The software is licensed on a token basis at a price of US$150 per completed migration and US$3 per sync.

Ian Cameron, CEO of Cristie Software said: “We have been working closely with a US-based global service provider to develop CloneManager and it has undergone rigorous testing and performance evaluation in both laboratory and real life environments. We are confident that CloneManager provides world-leading speed, reliability and ease of use that will benefit both service providers and end users who wish to migrate or clone machines, or to refresh server hardware.

For full details please visit CloneManager’s product page