Cristie in the Asia-Pacific region. A Q&A with Jamie Allan, Territory Manager

The Asia-Pacific region is an important one for Cristie software. Read here what Territory Manager Jamie Allan has learned from working there.

Meet Jamie Allan, our territory manager for the Asia and Pacific (APAC) regions. 

Jamie is based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, where his role is focused on engaging with Cristie Partners and Resellers to make sure that they have the support that they need to win business.  

At Cristie, we believe there is also real value in having conversations and sharing best practice knowledge with our customers directly.

Over to Jamie… 

Tell us a bit about you.  

I’ve had quite a varied career. I worked in IT sales in London earlier in my career, and it’s great to find myself back working in that sector.   

In between my IT work, I ran a business doing conservation-focused scuba diving trips and have lived and travelled extensively with that. 

You represent Cristie in the APAC region – tell us about the market there.

I’m based in Kuala Lumpur, and the APAC region is such a dynamic and exciting place to work. This past year has obviously been challenging, but it’s been positive too – and I’ve learnt so much about this very specialised marketplace and technology.  

I’ve found that in this region a lot of people use our native BMR offering with our partner EMC, IBM and Cohesity products. We’re also seeing an increasing take up of our more stripped-down offerings such as CloneManager Lite, which has been developed with SMEs and smaller replications and migrations in mind.  

Overall, my biggest learning from my time working in this region for Cristie is that there are vastly different business approaches from one country to another and this has a genuine impact on the way we can work with our partners and resellers to deliver our software services.  

What makes Cristie stand out in the APAC region? 

As a business we’re agile, with a technology and development offering that really fits the current and growing demands of our partners and their customers. We’re known for our amazing customer support and we work closely with our customers to help them solve critical problems.  

Something that sets us apart is the fact that we can integrate to and from physical, virtual and cloud environments, providing the mechanism to help clients move, replicate or recover across these seamlessly. 

What’s been a standout moment from 2020? And what are you looking forward to this year? 

Growing the territory during a global pandemic definitely stands out, but for me the real value has been in developing my own market knowledge and working with some really fantastic customers.  

For 2021? Much of the same and hopefully we’ll be able to take international flights at some point!  

From a Cristie perspective, I’m excited to be growing our position and reputation within APAC, particularly with the increased uptake of our CloneManager replication and migration offerings. 

What’s your typical day like?  

With two children under 2, no two days are ever the same! 

Generally, I like to start with some early morning quiet time followed by some exercise and time with my children before I start work at 8am. Working from home allows me to maximise this early part of the day.  

In terms the day itself, it varies between a mixture of reactive and proactive work, strategizing and checking in with our network of resellers and partners to make sure we’re aligned to their current objectives both operationally and commercially. 

What’s your favourite part of the job? 

I’m really motivated by my engagement with people from all over the world and the insights from that. I enjoy helping to develop and strengthen Cristie into being a major player in this marketplace not only in APAC but globally. 

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