Cristie today announced new functionality for its popular machine mobility solution, CloneManager. A new GUI allows users to quickly and easily create hot standby machines that can be instantly powered on in the event of disaster or failure.

Once the initial clone is performed, scheduled syncs (replications) will enable the target to be as up to date as the last completed replication. The amount of syncs can be decided based on a company’s agreed RPOs and RTOs.

A senior systems administrator from the leading provider of parts for the automotive industry says, “We looked for years for something like CloneManager. Something that would help us automate the process of having a standby server ready to be booted up in the event of a failure. CloneManager is the best product I have found for Linux server disaster recovery, by keeping the DR side up-to-date with the production servers.”

For more information on CloneManager visit Cristie CloneManager