Cristie BMR 8.5 Suite What’s New

Headline enhancements

Our latest release includes volumes of new functionality which brings with it a wealth of benefits. Some of the key highlights include:

  • ABMR support for Dell EMC Avamar client/server version up to 18.2.100-134/ respectively.
  • NBMR support for Dell EMC NetWorker™ client/server version up to respectively.
  • All BMR products include an option to allow management of all BTRFS sub-volumes.
  • All BMR products support Windows 2019 where the third appropriate third party client provides support.
  • All BMR products are able to report Dissimilar Hardware (DHW) errors in the Cristie VA during Simulations or Recoveries.

Bug Fixes

Common Bug Fixes for all BMR products

  • Driver Validation Tool WinPE 5 driver database incorrectly contained WinPE 10 native drivers.
  • BTRFS options selection were not remembered and disrec SubvolRestore was not being set.
  • An incorrect BTRFS snapshot sub-volume path was used during recovery.
  • BTRFS snapshot sub-volumes were still created when the /.snapshots folder was excluded in the recovery options.
  • SLES 11 and 15 BTRFS snapshots were not mounted on recovery.
  • Licensing didn’t recognise RHEV as a virtual platform.
  • Running bmrcfg resulted in a multi-path error if multi-path was installed but not configured.
  • Solaris 11u1 DR boot script restarted during the FDisk phase.
  • Solaris 9 recoveries failed.

CBMR Bug Fixes

  • A VTD recovery of a Windows 2012 server from AWS to vSphere fails to boot.
  • FTP backups failed with error “Failed to set Use SSL”.
  • Incorrect version number shown for some components shown in Version Information dialogue.
  • Scanning new backup devices on AIX did not populate iSCSI tape in the backup location list.

NBMR Bug Fixes

  • Recovery of Windows 2008 R2 failed to boot with a 0x7B error code (no boot device).
  • Recovery of Windows 2008 R2 backed up with a Dell EMC NetWorker™ 18.1 client fails if previously backed up with a 7.6.5 client.
  • Windows 2008 R2 Point-in-Time recoveries fail to update boot files.
  • WinPE 10 recoveries crash after the user confirms that they wish to reboot the target machine.

TBMR Bug Fixes

  • Connections to IBM Spectrum Protect were lost if there was a delay in entering the password for an encrypted file.
  • An “Encountered an improper argument” error was reported during backupset recoveries.

Support Information

  • There is no support for Solaris 11.4 on Intel.
  • WinPE 10 DR environments now require the use of the Microsoft WADK 10 version 1809.

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