Cristie Software today announced the acquisition of SMARTtsm and 12 patents from Front-safe. SMARTtsm is software that performs automated recoveries of machines that have been backed up with IBM’s Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) – now Spectrum Protect. SMARTtsm will also test the recovered machine to ensure that specific applications are operating correctly.

SMARTtsm is currently used to test over 130 machines in Denmark and provide assurance that they are all recoverable form their backups. Cristie plans to market the software worldwide.
The patents assigned to Cristie Software relate to “Copying Procedures Including Verification in Data Networks” and have applications beyond the SMARTtsm software.

Ian Cameron, CEO, Cristie says, “We are delighted to add SMARTtsm to our portfolio of Recovery Assurance products, and are confident that it will benefit many of our customers and many organisations worldwide”.

Peter M. Nielsen, CEO and Co-Founder, Front-safe says, “We are confident that SMARTtsm is in very safe hands with Cristie, and that the company will further develop and enhance the solution going forward. We will continue to promote and sell SMARTtsm in Denmark, with Cristie providing ongoing support and maintenance.”