SambaCry; how to overcome vulnerability

With the news dominated by WannaCry, the malware which disrupted the NHS in the UK; you may not be aware of its similar Linux counterpart SambaCry. But you should. SambaCry is a malware that attacks vulnerabilities in Samba. For those who don’t use Linux, Samba provides…

Finally a #WorldDay that makes sense

There’s a day for everything it seems, isn’t there? At least there’s no reason to dress up for this one! I think World Backup Day is a really good idea, because even those of us who may think we have it all under control, we should use this prompt to question if we really do.

BMR and Healthcare

In the USA, Healthcare is one of the largest private-sector industries, making up 13% of the total U.S Workforce. Understandably healthcare professionals have high cybersecurity concerns and with the ever evolving IoT, bare machine recovery (BMR) can play an important part in mitigating risks.

Protection not payment: How to avoid paying ransomware demands

Ransomware is a type of malware that can be covertly installed on a computer, without the knowledge, or even interaction, of the user. Once held to ransom, a company has three options: restore, the data to a previous point in time, lose the infected data, or pay up. As with all areas of disaster recovery and business continuity, preparation and testing are the key forms of defense.