BMR Suite 9.3.2

Today we are pleased to be releasing  a new version of our BMR Suite 9.3.2 for Windows & Linux to production. The suite consists of ABMR, CBMR, CoBMR, NBMR and TBMR.

Each 9.3.2 BMR product is immediately available as a separate download from the Cristie Licensing portal download area.

Common to all BMR products

  • Burning recovery environment to USB would not create a bootable environment (Windows only).
  • “Postrec” service would sometimes fail to install (Linux only).
  • Installs to Server 2008R2 would fail with BMRCFG errors.
  • BMRCFG would show warnings if Windows defender was disabled.
  • BMRCFG would fail to detect Windows 7 operating systems.
  • VROC Raid drivers added to the Windows recovery environment.
  • Multipath option was incorrectly disabled in the Linux recovery environment.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.


  • ABMR PE10 ISO would sometimes not detect a backup if the time zone was changed to GMT.


  • CBMR backups would fail with signal 11.
  • CBMR would sometimes fail to apply a specified IP address to a Windows 2019 system.


  • CoBMR Linux installs would sometimes fail with missing lib errors.
  • Block based recoveries would fail if the hostname was changed before recovery.
  • CoBMR Windows install would sometimes fail due to the CristieVAService.exe crashing.


  • NBMR recovery environment would sometimes fail to discover a backup if time zone changed to GMT.


  • TBMR Linux now includes the 8.1.13 Spectrum Protect client.

Note: These BMR products are compatible with the Cristie VA 4.2.2 release and you will see an update now.