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Connect APIs

embed machine cloning and migration ability into your online service offering

Cristie Connect API allows organizations to easily embed machine cloning and migration in to their own online service offerings. The Connect API provides full control of Cristie CloneManager® to clone and move running machines across different physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Users can optimize resource allocation, manage server infrastructure and utilize DR capabilities. What’s more, there is also an option for agentless clones for both Windows and Linux sources. As a result, users can fully incorporate all of CloneManager® features within their own service deployment frameworks, without the overhead of developing bespoke solutions.

Service Providers can easily expand their portfolio, whilst generating additional revenue opportunities through services wrapped around cloning and migration. Furthermore, MSPs can use the brand and service approach that they are comfortable with, rather than predefined rules. As a result, Cristie is in a great position to help MSPs stand out from the competition. Therefore CloneManager will help complement and enhance your offerings.

Connect API provides;

  • code snippets and examples to make development with the Connect API easier
  • full WSDL documentation to make users aware of all functionality and parameters available
  • a Test Harness for developers to test their configuration against
  • an option for agentless clones for both Windows and Linux sources

the small print

  • Connect API is a SOAP based API intended to work in any environment where SOAP is fully supported
  • the Connect API itself must be run in a Windows environment, where it runs in the background as a service
  • the Test Harness is a light-weight Java applications that integrates with the Connect API
  • once the Cristie Connect API license is installed and the activation code entered, the Connect API feature set is fully unlocked

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