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CloneManager® provides an intuitive console to move and clone running machines across multiple environments

CloneManager is a flexible solution that allows users to create exact copies of running machines between, and within, different physical, virtual and cloud environments. It is regularly used for cloud on-boarding and cloud migration. Users have complete flexibility and freedom to move from one cloud to another, securely and quickly.

CloneManager is used extensively by cloud and managed services providers who wish to on-board their customers’ systems from their existing data centers, as well as by end users to provide complete mobility for their critical machines and servers. Cloud migration is made secure and fast with CloneManager.


solution benefits

  • optimal and fast transfers of data from source to target machines, even with large amounts of data or a low bandwidth connection
  • sync feature for live periodic synchronizations from source to target machines, without having to repeat a full migration process
  • scheduling to allow clones to be performed periodically and automatically
  • agentless option to avoid software being installed on the source machine
  • disk selection — users select only the relevant disks and volumes to be cloned
  • configure target machine including host name and IP address
  • tailor target machine based on source machine
  • event reports emailed to the user for audit purposes
  • encryption for security of data
  • bandwidth throttling means it’s business-as-usual when cloning live machines
  • migration to and from physical machines, vSphere and Hyper-V hypervisors, vCloud Director, Microsoft Azure, AWS, and vCloud Air (anywhere to anywhere p2v migration, p2p, p2c, v2p, v2c, v2v, c2p, c2v, c2c)

CloneManager is currently available for Windows, Linux and AIX operating systems.


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