Cristie ProtectEarly adopters (EAs) have now been using Protect for Virtual Machines (P4VM) for a couple of weeks and have been appreciating the simplicity of protecting their virtual machines using Cristie. Deployed and managed through the intuitive GUI of the Cristie Virtual Appliance (VA); a few clicks and your virtual machine or machines are protected. 

Feedback from EAs

With participants from all industries, including; retail, finance and healthcare, there has been a real variety of end-users using this solution in different environments. Although their requirements and priorities differ, they all in agreement that the solution is reliable and efficient.

We have received some sound feedback and the benefit of backing up to a non-persistent proxy has its advantages; as it provides optimal network traffic, speed and storage efficiency. EA’s have identified that it really is a simple and straightforward standalone backup and recovery solution.

Try P4VM for yourself

There is still an opportunity for more participants to join the EA programme. If you are interested, email or fill in the contact us form here. Once we have received your enquiry, we will send you a free download of Protect, along with all the details needed to get started.

Interested in learning more about P4VM?

See the Protect product page here or simply get in touch with any questions.