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Presentación de CloneManager Offline Replication.

He aquí una introducción a una nueva característica que será llevada a nuestro Virtual Appliance - CloneManager Offline Replication. Se trata de un mecanismo de clonación alternativo a CloneManager estándar, que utiliza un agente diferente, y no un entorno en vivo para el objetivo.

The Cristie Virtual Appliance (VA) is a key part of our product portfolio. It enables centralised management for the replication and system recovery software that we offer.  

Using our VA enables our customers to deploy software from a central location easily and quickly – making the process simpler and saving time and hassle.   

Here’s an overview of a new feature that will be brought to the VA in Q2, offline replication for CloneManager. 

CloneManager Offline Replication

CloneManager Offline Replication is an alternative cloning mechanism to standard CloneManager, using a different agent, and no live environment for the target.

Replication software such as CloneManager creates a live copy of your business-critical systems and regularly synchronises the data between your primary production system and secondary copy of that system.  

 It means that if disaster strikes, you can quickly transfer your business from running on your primary copy to your secondary copy. 

A Faster Overall Migration 

Offline replication allows you to replicate any Windows or Linux system to S3 compliant object storage, such as Amazon S3, Oracle Object Storage or MinIO object storage.

The agent on the source machine uses a new block copy engine to migrate your data off of your source machine and into the target storage, reducing the overheads you would normally see during a traditional CloneManager replication to achieve a faster overall migration.

We’re also planning on implementing numerous other storage targets for CloneManager Offline Replication, such as VMware VMFS datastores, and other storage providers used by traditional on-prem hypervisors.

No Compute Resource Means Reduced Cost 

Because CloneManager Offline Replication performs its replications directly to disk images inside object storage, there is no compute resource required in the target environment to facilitate the replication.

This further simplifies the replication process, and also reduces the total cost of migration and/or maintaining an offsite DR environment.

When you want to boot the target system, just attach the new disk images to the system and start it up; driver injection is performed on the source machine so that the startup process of the new machine is as seamless as possible.

CloneManager Offline Replication is coming to the Cristie VA 

CloneManager Offline Replication will be available in the VA starting with the next major release, version 4.1, due to be released at the end of May.

It is also available as a standalone product, available in several cloud marketplaces, intended for small migration projects.  

The standalone version comes with five free migrations to help get you started. When integrated with the VA, you will be able to benefit from all the advanced management features, including auditing, scheduling, reporting, log analysis and DR Orchestration. 

If you’d like to hear more about CloneManager offline replication or any of the recovery and replication software that we offer, visit our website or email sales@cristie.com. You can also book a free trial of any of our products here.

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