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Cristie VA 4.1 Novedades

A continuación le informamos de las novedades de Cristie Virtual Appliance. La versión 4.1 incluye un montón de nuevas funcionalidades y correcciones de errores que traen consigo una gran cantidad de beneficios.

We are pleased to announce a new major update for the Cristie Virtual Appliance. The 4.1 release includes lots of new functionality and bug fixes which bring with it a wealth of benefits.

Mejoras en los titulares

  • CloneManager Online Block Replication – You can now replicate your CloneManager source machines using our new, block based transport mechanism, providing you with siginificantly lower RPOs when compared to CloneManager File Replication!
  • CloneManager Offline Block Replication – You can now replicate your CloneManager source machines directly to S3 compliant object storage, providing you with all of the protection of CloneManager, with no compute resource required in the target environment!
  • RPO Reporting for Replication – You can now configure your replications to target a certain time for your RPOs and report on whether they’re meeting that target or failing that target. RPO targets can be configured at the job level in the Replication view
  • Enhanced Testing for Oracle Cloud – You can now configure your replications to Oracle Cloud to use Enhanced Testing. Enhanced Testing can be turned on during the initial configuration of a replication job. For more information on Enhanced Testing click here.
  • Separate snapshot disk for Enhanced Testing – You can now use an independent snapshot disk for Enhanced Testing so you no longer need bigger disks on your target machine.
  • TLS SMTP support – You can now configure email notifications using TLS enabled SMTP servers.
  • Post recovery networking changes are now supported for Ubuntu systems.

Corrección de errores

  • Oracle cloud discovery/refresh would sometimes fail until the Control Service had been restarted.
  • Systems created within Oracle Cloud would not have the correct amount of NICs.
  • iSCSI disks would be sometimes not attached to the recovered/replicated system when recovering/replicating to Oracle Cloud.
  • Data disks would be sometimes attached out of order when recovering/replicating to Oracle Cloud.
  • Socket timeout errors when deploying Cristie products to Windows 10 systems.
  • Some of the VA services open up too many MySQL connections, causing some socket connections to fail due to too many open files on the VA itself.
  • Upgrades of CBMR from 8.7.x to 9.1.x or higher would fail when upgrading from Estate Management
  • Email notifications for successful replications was not functional.
  • It was not possible to setup more than one DNS address for post-recovery/post-replication networking.
  • CloneManager ISOs would sometimes fail to load in the Enhanced Testing environment.

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