Cristie VA 3.3 Novedades

A continuación le informamos de las novedades de Cristie Virtual Appliance. La versión 3.3 incluye un montón de nuevas funcionalidades y correcciones de errores que traen consigo una gran cantidad de beneficios.

We are pleased to announce a new update for the Cristie Virtual Appliance. The 3.3 release includes lots of new functionality and bug fixes which bring with it a wealth of benefits.

Mejoras en los titulares

  • Microsoft Azure – Azure Cloud & Azure Stack are now support target hypervisors for Recoveries, Simulations & Replications.
  • CoBMR – Recover & Simulate your Cohesity backups directly from your Cohesity Server using our new CoBMR product. Now fully integrated into the Virtual Appliance.
  • Isolated Networks – Automatically create and recover into an isolated network. Our 2 step wizard makes creating isolated networks quick & easy (available VIA DR Orchestration recovery tasks).
  • Log Analysis (Early Preview) – Automatically filter anomalies from failed log files. Machine learning (ML) will help you identify the cause of failure without sending log files to Cristie Support.
  • DR Proxy Networking – You can now assign static IP addresses to DR Proxies as part of deployment (even if you have DHCP in your environment).
  • Faster VMware Networking – All new vSphere VMs will be created with the VMXNET3 NIC for better throughput.
  • General performance enhancements.

Corrección de errores

  • Better error handling when importing from CSV for deployment or updating credentials.
  • Fixed Windows log files not always being copied after a recovery/replication.
  • Fixed some ISO’s not appearing in boot management.
  • Fixed an issue with the user management page not populating if some users had custom avatars.
  • Deploying a fresh OVA will now create a 200GB disk.
  • Fixed an issue with target disks not always being displayed for an ET target.
  • Fixed missing custom ISO dropdown when replicating to a physical ET target.

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