Today sees the release of an important update to Cristie’s popular system migration solution – CloneManager. By introducing a real-time replication process, CloneManager now allows users to create hot standbys of live systems that can be instantly activated in the event of a disaster.

Cristie Hot Standby functionality has been designed to accommodate the growing demand for cloud- and hypervisor-based replication and disaster recovery. Once CloneManager has replicated a system, it can be regularly or continuously synced to keep the hot standby current. A snapshotting feature provides recovery assurance, and a response to the worrying rise in ransomware. If corrupt data or malware is copied across to the hot standby, users can simply roll back to the last successful replication. The price point of $120 per quarter enables organisations of all sizes to protect critical systems cost-effectively.

Ian McKay, Global Lead Migration Strategy, from the world’s leading IT services provider, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) says, “We’ve been using CloneManager successfully for more than three years to migrate our clients’ systems and help them take advantage of cost-effective cloud-based infrastructure. With developments such as more frequent replications and a snapshot feature, we’re excited that this new release will enhance the system protection and business agility that we already offer our clients.”

CloneManager’s powerful and unique technology has also benefited from a redesigned, intuitive interface as part of a commitment to provide the best user experience possible. Designed to be intuitive from the outset, CloneManager now features wizards, in-built tutor facilities, and access to a detailed Knowledgebase and technical community. Cristie’s Group Product and Project Manager, Tony Davey, says, “This next-generation, user-focused interface will shortly be rolled out across our entire product portfolio and will provide clear guidance for users, at the point of need. We’ll continue to deliver more technical firsts in our solutions, in a format that is easy to use and engage with.”

Why is this release important?

  • Aggressive recovery time and point objectives (RTPOs) can be easily met through scheduled or continuous system replications.
  • Users can benefit from automatic snapshot management – and peace of mind – if replicating to vSphere or AWS EC2. Useful for when corrupt or malicious data has been replicated to a target environment.
  • The need for a complex skillset or heavy personnel resources to protect critical systems and workloads is greatly reduced with inbuilt, context-driven guidance.
  • Competitive, disruptive pricing at $120 per machine, per quarter.

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