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CloneManager Lite. Software de replicación sencillo para migraciones simples.

Nuestro software puede proteger los sistemas de cualquier empresa, sea grande o pequeña. Y para las pequeñas y medianas empresas (PYMES) que representan el 99% de la economía del Reino Unido, hemos lanzado CloneManager Lite. Más información sobre CloneManger Lite aquí.

Our software can protect every business’ systems, no matter how large or small. And for the small to medium businesses (SMEs) that make up 99% of the UK’s economy, we’ve launched CloneManager Lite.  

It’s aimed specifically at businesses looking for simple system replication and migration into the cloud, and it delivers through a straightforward setup. What’s more, it’s free for up to five systems for 90 days, from the Cloud marketplace.

CloneManager Lite has the functionality of CloneManager, with some of the enterprise features stripped back. The result is a standalone, lightweight piece of software that has block-based migration for speed, and a simple setup.  
It’s perfect for small and medium-sized firms who are looking to ensure their critical systems are secure.  

CloneManager Lite creates identical copies of critical systems at scale that can be instantly used in the event of a disaster, replicating your live system to any supported physical, virtual or cloud environment. 

A quick and straightforward set up 

If you’re running a smaller scale replication, you’ll want something that’s quick to set up and run. CloneManager Lite is standalone, meaning you can manage it without using our Virtual Appliance (VA).  

Product highlights 

  • CloneManager Lite uses block-based rather than file-based migration so it’s designed to be fast. For a small-scale migration, your priority might well be speed and ease of set up rather than extra functionality that you might not need to use.  
  • Your live systems are replicated in real time, and fully automated scheduled periodic syncs between the source and target system means that only changed data will be copied 
  • Supports Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Oracle OCI. 
  • Supports database replication including Microsoft SQL 
  • CloneManager Lite is free for up to five systems for 90 days from the Cloud marketplace 

Smaller scale replication and migration 

We developed CloneManager Lite as we recognised that not every business needs a feature-rich large-scale replication and migration software. Sometimes small is beautiful!  

That’s not to say that CloneManager Lite isn’t powerful. It is. In developing it we’ve used experience gained from the development of CloneManager, and we’ll be using our experience in developing CloneManager Lite to make CloneManager and our VA even more powerful in the future.  

Customer Support 

CloneManager Lite is so straightforward to set up, we’re confident you’ll need less support from us to keep it up and running. And if you do run into problems, we’ve produced a suite of videos that you can stop, rewind and follow to answer any questions that you have.  

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