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Cristie Virtual Appliance

Protect your business from one simple, easy to use management console

Be in control of your backups, recoveries and automated tests, with real time information, progress checks and validated compliance reporting using the Cristie Virtual Appliance (VA).

Navigate and manage your entire estate remotely from a central management console, delivering improved visibility, enhanced reporting and simple efficient management of all Cristie products via one standardized interface.

The Cristie VA has been developed to provide a unified user experience for the entire range of Cristie’s software. Cristie customers can deploy, license, backup, recover, replicate, migrate and simulate recoveries for physical or virtual machines. Supporting a wide range of operating systems, 3rd party backup solutions and hardware.

Available for all existing Cristie customers, download for free from the Cristie portal using your usual credentials.

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Cristie VA system compatibility

We are continuously evolving our product and system supports; currently you can use a range of our BMR, server replication, server migration, automated DR testing and full protection software through the Cristie VA. These solutions include:

Please get in touch by emailing for details about OS system supports.

Discover more…

The Cristie VA provides an abundance of features on top of the product functionality including: visual KPI management, job management, dashboards, white labelling and centralised licensing & deployment. These features packaged in a modern, ergonomic design, deliver the user a fresh new experience, that tremendously simplifies the process of protecting your estate, whatever your environment.



  • User centric interface
  • Simple step-by-step process
  • Help and guidance wizards
  • Central setup of back-up servers
  • Bespoke consolidation method
  • Centralized deployment
  • Centralized licensing
  • Automated DR testing and scheduling
  • White labelling
  • Language translation
  • Identifiable upgrades
  • Simple central deployment of backups and recoveries
  • Management and visibility of your entire estate
  • Validated compliance reporting
  • Fully optimized backups
  • Multi-user, with web browser access
  • Compatible with tablet and mobile platforms
  • ISO’s saved centrally
  • Improved alerts and log file access
  • Multi-lingual


Next steps…

Download the virtual appliance from the download area in the Cristie portal.

For further information please read the VA Run Book. Alternatively, see the ‘How do I install the Cristie VA’ article on the Cristie community forum; use your existing portal login details to gain access.

Alternatively, get in touch if you wish to know more. Phone +44 (0)1453 847000 or email

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