Welcome to the NBMR 7.1 Online Accreditation Course

1. Introduction

This online accreditation course is to allow users to become familiar with the software installation, creation of recovery media, recovery process, and troubleshooting information for NBMR 7.1.

2. Course Objectives

After finishing the course and passing the examination you should be able to:

  • Manage the installation of the NBMR components and the creation of the ISO for recovery.
  • Understand how NetWorker backs up the information required by NBMR for successful recovery.
  • Recover the system using the NBMR recovery environment.
  • Understand the concepts of the recovery and what NBMR does to recover the original system.

3. Course Prerequisites

The following list contains the prerequisite knowledge that you must have before taking this course.

  • A working knowledge of internet browsers
  • A working knowledge of client-server concepts
  • Skills and knowledge to navigate through at least Windows 2003 applications and be able to use the system command-line interface if necessary.
  • Skills and experiences of a Windows administrator

4. Course Structure

Each lesson must be completed before you can proceed to the next lesson. Lessons are broken down into topics, some of which are longer than others. All lessons include a review section at the end. There will be a course assessment at the end of all the lessons. You must get at least 80% of the questions right to be awarded a pass in this course. You will have three attempts to pass the assessment.

5. Course Outline

There are seven separate lessons in this course:

  • Lesson 1: Installation
  • Lesson 2: ISO creation
  • Lesson 3: Backup
  • Lesson 4: Recovery Tools
  • Lesson 5: Basic recovery
  • Lesson 6: Complex recovery
  • Lesson 7: Troubleshooting

6. Disclaimer

Accreditation from Cristie Software following a successful result in the course assessment does not imply an endorsement from Cristie Software. The certificate is confirmation of your successful result and an acknowledgement from Cristie Software that you have taken steps to improve your knowledge and application of our solutions. By taking the course you agree to these conditions.

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