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CBMR provides complete data protection, as well as the ability to recover critical servers from scratch within minutes

CBMR is an easy-to-use console that helps you deploy, manage and report on your backups, as well as a cost-effective BMR process that will recover your critical servers in just minutes. It does not require any third party backup software so can be used as a standalone backup product.

CBMR is an ideal solution used by numerous customers worldwide for:

  • server migration from physical and virtual environments
  • protecting IT infrastructure at branch offices and small data centres
  • backup and recovery at banks and retailers

key benefits:

  • rapid and automated recovery of an identical copy of your machine (including OS, applications and data)
  • multiple servers can be recovered simultaneously and a whole data centre can be recovered in just a few hours
  • file by file backup; no need for a disk image
  • backups can be encrypted and compressed, increasing the security of your data and saving space on your network
  • recoveries can be made to dissimilar hardware and to virtual and cloud machines
  • Snapshotting – for point-in-time restores. Create a backup with minimal disruption which is then backed up away from the live system
  • system recovery and server migrations can be fully automated and controlled remotely
  • easy-to-use interface means that no specialist IT skills are required by the end user
  • tailoring available to configure systems such as host name and IP address on target machine
  • easily achieve your recovery RTOs and RPOs

CBMR is currently available for Windows, Linux, Solaris and AIX operating systems.

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