CloneManager™ is a non-disruptive, fast and reliable software program for performing system migrations.


CloneManager's benefits are tailored toward cloud and managed services providers who wish to on-board their customers’ machines from their existing data centres. Our offering is well suited to Multi-Cloud and Multi-Service providers, as it establishes a unified solution for all physical, virtual and cloud migrations.

Multidirectional migrations gives users the freedom to move their machines where-ever they like when ever they like.

The CloneManager™ Console gives a simple and easy to use interface with drag and drop functionality to provide a streamlined and user-friendly way to clone or migrate businesses servers.

  • Agentless (optional)
  • CloneSync allows for live periodic synchronisations between the target and source machines without having to repeat a full migration process. Only data that has changed since the original cloning process is copied.
  • Optimal and fast transfers of data from source to target machines, even for those with large amounts of data or a low bandwidth connection.
  • Scheduling automates how frequently machines are cloned.
  • Real time clones are created from live running machines.
  • Disk Selection—users select only the relevant disks & volumes to be cloned.
  • Configuration—a range of options, such as the host name and IP addresses, can be specified or changed on the target machine during the migration process.
  • Discovery & Tailoring – ensures the target machine is correctly sized based on an analysis of the source machine.
  • Reporting and migration auditing–event notifications are emailed to the user.
  • Batch clones –multiple concurrent migrations can be managed simultaneously.

CloneManager™ is currently available for Windows and Linux operating systems.

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