30Jan 2017

Why BMR and Healthcare go together in the USA In the USA, Healthcare is one of the largest private-sector industries, making up 13% of the total U.S Workforce¹. Understandably healthcare professionals have high cybersecurity concerns and with the ever evolving IoT, bare machine recovery (BMR) can play an important part in mitigating risks. Industry experts […]

27Sep 2016

Share ideas. Gain insight. Contribute. We are excited to launch the Cristie Community Forum. It’s a new initiative to increase our communication and engagement with our valued customers and partners. We’ll share the latest information about our products and product roadmap, as well as invite you to share tips and tricks in using Cristie solutions that you feel will benefit others.

23Jun 2016

Ransomware is a type of malware that can be covertly installed on a computer, without the knowledge, or even interaction, of the user. Once held to ransom, a company has three options: restore, the data to a previous point in time, lose the infected data, or pay up. As with all areas of disaster recovery and business continuity, preparation and testing are the key forms of defense.

15Dec 2015

For some businesses, Christmas means a slowing down of operations; fewer staff, reduced orders, and more time to catch up on the filing. For other organizations Christmas is the busiest time of the year. Either way, there are definitely some precautions you can take to ensure a Grinch-like machine failure doesn’t steal your holiday cheer!

06Nov 2015

Many recent studies have revealed there is a worrying lack of regular testing of the viability of backups, and there are good reasons for that. Finding time to run tests without disrupting day-to-day usage seems an impossible task, which is why many organisations rely on a ‘fingers-crossed it will work’ strategy. Risky – but frighteningly common.

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